Thursday, August 12, 2010

D23 Magazine and Epcot Patch

The latest issue of D23 is an entertaining and informative one, even if there isn't much that I'm particularly interested in blogging about. The main feature is a reminiscense about the development and opening of Epcot, through the eyes of Marty Sklar and SF author Ray Bradbury, both of whom had a lot to do with the way it looked on opening day, October 1, 1982.

The article has some concept art and several photos from the development and construction of the park, most of which we've seen before. One interesting quote from the article itself:

What had been two disparate concepts began feeling more and more like a uniform whole as Epcot took on the hourglass shape so familiar to today's visitors. Future World anchored the north side, with World Showcase laid out around a large lake on the south. Conceptually, they're radically different, but together, they contain an important underlying thread: The notion of progress, of working together to achieve a better tomorrow. One part of Epcot shows us what is possible, the other shows us who will make it happen: We will. By understanding and celebrating our differences, we can create a better future.

Mr. Bradbury accepts this premise about the concept of Epcot as it existed on opening day, and today:

"The whole of Epcot teaches us how miraculous we are," Ray says "We are very special people. We are part of something that began millions of years ago. So, all the time, on every side, Epcot points to you and says, 'You are individual. You are creative. I hand you the future; step into it. Believe and go forth.'"

Other marjor articles include one about Jungle Cruise skippers, a feature on the upcoming animated offering Tangled, one titled "Journey Into Imagineering", and a salute to Fess Parker. They're all pretty interesting.

The gift that came with it was an Epcot patch specially made for D23 members. This one is the symbol of "The Living Seas" pavilion. I wonder if it will be possible to acquire the other eight patches at some point.

Here's the picture of the patch: (apologies for my poor photography skills)

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