Friday, December 10, 2010

Disney Parks: Epcot

Saved the best for last, didn't I?

That's because we spent Friday, our last day, at Epcot. Lunch (for the kids) at the Electric Umbrella. (I picked at a couple of fries and grapes from their plates.) Dinner at Le Cellier. In between, we did Spaceship Earth (twice!) Mission Space, Test Track (last ride of the day), Soarin', Living With The Land, and The Seas With Nemo.

It's the first time we did the standby line for Mission: Space, and I thought the queue was pretty interesting. The huge rotating cross section of a space station was cool and so were those two hanging space thingies. (One's some sort of a Mars rover, I think, and one is a smaller mockup of the ship you're supposedly piloting to Mars, or so it appears.)

Soarin' looked to me like the film had been fixed up a bit. Perhaps we were in a different "theater" but I remember sort of a "hole" in the video that was sort of annoying, and I didn't see it this time. (And I looked for it.) As usual this attraction had very long waits. So did Test Track. Nothing else was too bad.

The first part of Living With The Land was pretty boring. It needs an update badly. But the second part, the greenhouse part, was as interesting as usual. Looked like a few different plants growing there, but I can't be sure - it's been almost two years since we saw it.

We didn't ride the Gran Fiesta ride in Mexico but we did visit the pavilion while it was raining, and noticed the little tequila bar on the side to our right as we entered.

As usual I'm sorry about the quality of the photos. They look better on my iPhone screen, but I think you get the drift. La Cava De Tequila a nice little nook where you can get a drink and some food. We got some guacamole, and it was tasty! And we got it as a take-out, but then ended up eating it at a stand-up table in the bar. From the look of it, we got considerably more in our takeout container than others got who were ordering from the waiters.

What else? The boys played the Kim Possible game for two pavilions (Germany and China) and we all made it in to see the Captain EO film.

I was surprised by the EO film. Yes, the 3D effects weren't what we're used to today. Yes, the show itself is sort of dated. But the music was okay (if not my usual cup of tea), and it was fun to see Michael Jackson when he still looked human. We all liked it. It isn't the sort of thing I'd need to see more than once, but it was sort of fun.

Our first day (Saturday) was also spent in Epcot, but mostly what we did was eat at Chefs De France and then watch Illuminations. (The only ride we did that day was Spaceship Earth.)

Epcot could use some TLC from the Imagineers without impediment from the pencil pushers, but it's still my favorite park.


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