Thursday, November 20, 2008

Other Blogs

I don't quite know what I want to say here at this blog. I mean, I'm interested in all things Disney, and I'm especially interested in a lot of the stuff talking about the future, and its relationship to EPCOT and to the Tomorrowland sections of the parks. I like to do thought experiments about someday opening my own park, even though I know it's just that - a thought experiment - and it is highly unlikely it will ever go anywhere. I read a lot about Disney-related subjects, and since we'll be down at WDW in January over my birthday, I'm sure I'll come home with another cool book, and maybe will be inspired for a series of entries at that time.

For the time being, however, I'd like to point out a couple of other blogs that are saying things that interest me, with a depth that I'm not likely to achieve in my own entries at this point.

One of my favorites is Passport to Dreams. The blog contains scholarly analyses of tons of minutae at the theme parks, in a manner that is reader-friendly in addition to being informative and insightful.

Another favorite is EPCOT Central, whose author is passionate about that park and its declines over the years. Again, he writes about the perceived shortcomings of the unique theme park that have developed over the years of inattention. Apparently there are quite a few people who don't agree, but the discussions are interesting and fun, if you're interested in this park.

Blue Sky Disney is a frequently updated blog (sometimes two and three times a day) with news and reviews, and opinions, about all things Disney. The author (Honor Hunter) seems to have some inside insights to things at Disney Corporation, and his news and views are always informative.

MiceAge is sort of an online magazine, with regular features and articles posted daily (on weekdays) and a large message board (MiceChat) with tons of interesting discussion. Al Lutz seems to have his finger on the pulse of Disney in California, and Kevin Yee is a Florida WDW critic who has coined the term "Declining by Degrees", and who I truly enjoy reading. (A lot of posters seem to think he is overly negative, but I think it's clear that he loves Disney World and only points out the problems he perceives because he would like to see it get even better.)

Other blogs that I click on each day include Disney and More (hosted by Alain Littaye), Imaginerding, the Main Street Gazette, and FutureProbe (which also discusses Star Trek information). All of them except Disney and More have links just over there to the left on this page. (And I'll be adding Disney and More when I get around to it.)

Sooner or later I'll find my "voice" at this blog, and I'll find something to say that I (if no one else) find interesting. Until then, I'll be checking out all of these blogs and sites daily.


Biblioadonis aka George said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

Just talk about what you like and love about Disney.

Future Guy said...

Don't despair, Scott, sometimes this happens. I've got two unfinished writing projects on my desktop that I simply ran out of steam on. Sometimes you have to take a break and let your creative juices regenerate.

Keep working at it, though, you'll be all right. And thanks for shout-out!

Honor Hunter said...

I like that Honor Hunter guy too...