Monday, July 26, 2010

Disney Video - 1/3 of the Six Pack

I finally got the opportunity to watch a couple of the videos from the Disney Parks collection that I got about a month ago. The two I watched were (and I don't have them in front of me so I'm doing the titles from memory) Walt Disney World Behind The Scenes and Undiscovered Parks.

I must admit I sort of had a different idea about the second of these two titles; for some reason I was thinking that this one might be more about parks not in the United States that we aren't able to discover. When I was thinking about it, I was thinking that "Unbuilt Parks" might be an interesting subject as well, a documentary on stuff like WestCot and Port Disney, and Disney's America. (I think there is a DVD program there; history, concept art and interviews with Imagineers. People like me would buy it, I believe.)

Anyway, the real subject of this DVD was the lesser known activities available at the American resorts. It discussed things like the "Richard Petty Driving Experience", parasailing on Lake Buena Vista, the "dream suites" at both resorts, and some of the tours that are available, like the "Walk in Walt's Footsteps" tour at Disneyland. It was an interesting DVD to watch, showing some overlooked details and giving a heads-up, sort of, on some things offered by the resorts.

The other DVD was a behind-the-scenes look at the attractions and offerings at the four parks in Disney as well as the water parks. It had some beautiful videography, but there was nothing earth-shattering in the subject matter. They discussed the remaking of attractions like "Test Track" and "The Seas With Nemo" among other things. There were some interesting interviews and some neat shots of the parks being built.

I have four more of these DVD's to watch. They are more like advertisements for a Disney vacation, but as I said, the images are at times stunning, and the picture quality, even in DVD (not BluRay), is excellent. If the other four are more or less like these two, I will feel I've gotten more than my money's worth for this 6 DVD collection at a price tag of under $30.00


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