Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Top Disney Dining Choices


Now that our reservations are all made, I thought I'd do my own top WDW restaurants list. I just have my impressions from our previous visits since we don't go THAT often and there are a bunch of restaurants we haven't tried yet. But here are my faves:

  1. Le Cellier

  2. This is an excellent steakhouse that I personally feel rivals the preparation at some of the best steak restaurants I've been to, including David Burke's and Capital Grill in Chicago.

  3. California Grill

  4. A signature dining experience at Disney, the menu here offers enough twists on the usual to open eyes. A really tasty treat.

  5. Le Chefs de France

  6. We have never had a bad experience here in three visits. The food has always been good if perhaps a bit overpriced.

  7. Yak and Yeti

  8. We've really enjoyed this Asian themed restaurant in Animal Kingdom. Food and service have always been very good.

  9. 50's Prime Time Cafe

  10. Okay, the food isn't anything special, particularly, but the place is totally fun.

I could go on, I suppose, but I wouldn't necessarily put the others on a "best of" list. Tony's (at the Magic Kingdom) is okay, and I need to experience Coral Reef again before I put it on my list. I was not impressed with San Angel Restaurant in the Mexico pavilion, and while I liked the Japanese restaurant, I've had better outside of Disney. The ambiance of the Sci Fi Dine In is great, but the food is average at best. (Even so, we like to go there BECAUSE of the ambiance.) The one that was tough to decide on for me was the Moroccan restaurant - it was very good the time we ate there, but it is another of those that I need to experience again before putting it on a "best of" list. And neither my wife or I are fans of buffets, so Crystal Palace and the Liberty Tree Inn (?) don't make it.

I almost put the Columbia Harbor House on my list, even though it isn't a table service restaurant, because I love that hummum sandwich they serve. We will be trying Sanaa on our next trip (at Animal Kingdom Lodge) and maybe even Jiko if we get the chance, so they may make the cut next time.

Bon appetit!


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