Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Disney's America

Disney's America was going to be a theme park in Virginia, and had as an important part of its mission raising awareness of our country's history, located as it would have been in close proximity to the nation's capital and to important civil war battlefields and historical sites. The version of history that was to be presented in the park is something that we'll never quite know - about all we can be sure of is that it would have had a Disney spin on it.

I've been interested in this park and its imagineering because it would have been located not in the temperate areas like other Disney theme parks in the U.S., but in a region that has seasons (and those seasons last for months!). The way they would have handled the cold weather months interests me a great deal. I blogged about it back here and wondered aloud (so to speak) about some of the issues that would face Disney as they tried to run a theme park in all different climates.

I had intended to wait until all the parts were written, but the SamLand blog has been publishing a nine part series on this park. He's through part 7 now, and all the other parts are indexed at the beginning of this post. Here's the link to SamLand's Disney's America post. I'll be posting a link again when the series is complete.

Go one over there and give it a read. It's worth your time, I think.


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