Monday, August 5, 2013


I didn't get to see this movie in the theater, like I'd hoped to do.  But I caught some of it on a flight, and it looked pretty good.  Waiting at home was the DVD (which I had purchased when it came out), and it took until now to finally watch it.

And my initial impression was correct.  This was a really fun movie.  It told a pretty decent, if a little thin, story, describing just how the Wizard of Oz gets to be the Wizard.  It filled in the backstory of the witches.  It paid homage to the original film in several places.  And it was a beautifully filmed movie, with plenty of colorful effects and solid animation.  Performances were good, and I liked all of the actors in their roles.

More importantly, it held my boys' interest better than a lot of movies do when I show them on DVD.  And now they want to see the original film, which prior to now, they've always demurred when offered the opportunity.  So we'll be popping that one in soon.

My sons are REALLY looking forward to seeing PERCY JACKSON:  SEA OF MONSTERS in the theater, maybe even this weekend.


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