Monday, November 26, 2012

Puss'n'Boots by Dreamworks

My kids chose this film to watch Saturday morning, picking it over John Carter, and they both enjoyed it.  Me, I was a bit less impressed.  It took a lot of the tropes from the Shrek films and used them to tell the story of the dashing swordsman, Puss In Boots, voiced by Antonio Banderas.  We were treated to the cat's backstory, where it was revealed that he grew up as "brothers" with Humpty Dumpty.  He left Humpty crashed into a bunch of pieces, after the Egg betrayed his trust.  And when Humpty sends his feline thief to attract Puss to his lair, he's all about begging for forgiveness. 

But from there, it's one plot twist after another, as the trio unites to kidnap the goose that lays the golden eggs from that kingdom at the top of that famous beanstalk.  And for me, it was one or two plot twists too many.  I've read reviews that suggest that this is one of Dreamworks' best efforts, but I sort of felt it was little more than an attempt to capitalize on the Shrek franchise a bit more. 

I didn't hate it.  It was good and entertaining, but I think I've come to expect more from Dreamworks.  Like Pixar, they rarely lay an egg (no pun intended).  And recently, I think they've hit some real home runs.

This one was more like a double.  Doubles are good, but they don't score a run on their own, necessarily.  Just my opinion. 


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