Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Took my boys to see this one yesterday.  I enjoyed the other entries in this series (the first more than the second - see my review of that second movie right here) and also have enjoyed the PS2 videogame based on the first movie.  My sons were taken in by the advertising for this third installment and chose it over The Avengers and Men In Black 3.  Personally I might have rather gone to one of those two. 

But after seeing it, I was happy with the experience.  It's a better movie than the second one, I think, with plenty of gags, and with a better love story than the others.  As with many Dreamworks movies, there are plenty of jokes aimed above the kids' heads. 

Chris Rock is really good again as Marty, and Ben Stiller does a good job with the voice of Alex the lion.  The circus angle is fun, with the comparisons to Cirque Du Soleil.  The new characters are fun, too, with the gruff Russian tiger, the silly sea lion, and the sexy cheetah adding a lot to the cast.  The penguins, now stars in their own right, are really funny as well.

So I was glad that we picked this one to see.  Dreamworks is generally good for a nice afternoon of entertainment, and this one is no exception.  If I was rating it I'd probably give it 4 stars. 


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