Monday, October 31, 2011

Time and Effort

I was reading a couple of other blog entries this morning on the Disney blogs that are regular stops for me, and one of them, on The World According To Jack, talked about how he goes about doing a blog entry. I have to admit that I was amazed. It's more like journalism than what I think of as "blogging". He goes into some level of detail about the cameras he uses for his original photography, lenses, video cameras, photo editing software, and word processing software.

Another blog I read, Futureprobe, often makes an offhand comment in the course of the blog about upcoming entries that he is preparing, leading me to believe that the author of that blog puts a lot of time and research into his entries. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Disney bloggers write with this level of dedication.

But it isn't my style here. As my readers (being optimistic here on using the plural) can probably tell, most of my entries are the result of some thought or idea flinging itself into my face and into my consciousness, and if I have an opinion or another take on the idea or whatever, I bang out a blog entry in about 15 or 20 minutes. Sometimes longer if I have to get to a patient. But my total time writing it (first draft is what gets posted, usually) probably averages around that range. For example, it came to me as I was watching the news coverage of Steve Jobs' demise that he was more like Walt Disney than he was like the personages that the news commentators were comparing him to (Albert Einstein? Really?). So I thought about the comparison a bit, and came in to work the next morning, and banged out that blog entry between patients. Probably 10 minutes to write it.

I'm going on about 10 minutes for this one. What do you think? :-)



David Landon said...

Thanks for the mention! My posts often begin with an opinion I have, and to back up that opinion I need to cite facts. Naturally, I need to do some research to make sure the facts I cite are accurate. Sometimes I even find that the facts I thought supported my opinion really do not, and then I'm forced to revise my original premise. It's a fun process.

Digital Jedi said...

Wait, we're supposed to think these things through? Uh, oh....

Scott said...

Thanks for the comments! David, I love reading your blog and I think everyone should do so! ;-)

DJ, I keep checking in on your blog, but haven't seen too much action lately. How goes your advance to your dream?

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, I think a lot of us blog the same way, myself included. Depending on the the thought and how busy I am at the moment, I may or may not get it posted in the same day. Sadly though, I've started too many posts and never finished them due to having lost my thought process when I got around to working on them again.