Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Film - Disney Trailers

When we went to see MEGAMIND, I noted two trailers for the anticipated upcoming Disney releases, TRON: LEGACY and TANGLED.

Both looked like fun films. I haven't been following the hype for TRON: LEGACY, and just a little of the pre-release information on TANGLED, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jeff Bridges is returning in the sequel to TRON. Aside from that, the look of the new film is incredible, if the trailer is any indication. (Or maybe I'm easily impressed.)

TANGLED "looks" like a Pixar film, with the crisp computer animation and detailed backgrounds. But I was unable to get a sense of how the story will play out. From the trailer, it looks like it will have it's share of funny bits. If past history is a guide, I think it will probably be a pretty good film.

TRON: LEGACY opens on December 17th.

TANGLED opens on November 24th.


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