Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wrapping up the Theme Park series

Okay, so now I've basically reinvented the wheel. I've talked about different categories of attractions we might use in a theme park. I've talked about the secondary things we might see if we can incorporate, detail oriented stuff. I've talked about circulation patterns. And all of it in much less depth than I'm sure you can find elsewhere, especially a site like Themed

It's fun to think about this stuff, and you have to walk before you run. You have to crawl before you walk. And you have to open your eyes and wave your arms before you crawl. I suppose one could say that all the previous posts fall in the "opening the eyes and waving the arms" stage.

I have some ideas, but I would need a lot of help putting them into tangible form. Mostly I need help on the concept art. I try to draw stuff, but my drawings just don't convey the excitement I visualize. Maybe it's because I can't draw people for the life of me.

Anyway, I have pretty much exhausted my thoughts on the topic for now. So for the time being, no more posts on the subject(s). From time to time, however, I will probably post something on theme park design when something catches my fancy or bubbles up to the surface in my thoughts. I'm still thinking on this, and I really would like to do it someday.

So...back to Disney. We're considering two trips this year - one to DVC's Hilton Head resort, and the other to WDW, possibly over Thanksgiving. Our last Disney vacation was one year ago (we were in the air at this time last year - the Saturday before Martin Luther King Day), and we did spend a couple of days at the California parks in April. I'm ready to go back.

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