Friday, October 16, 2009

A few more House on the Rock pix...

Here are some more photos from our visit to House on the Rock in Wisconsin:

This one is of an old dental office. The chair is pretty old; the instruments are not. (Trust me, this one I know about...)

There are "music players" spread out through the exhibits, ranging from small machines to room-sized displays. You can plug tokens into these players and listen to them. This was one of the big ones.

These photos are from the area called either "Streets of Yesterday" or "...Yesteryear". It was a quaint walk through an old-time Main Street of a small town. It looks better in person than it least when the camera is in this photographer's hands...someone who has no huge talent for photography... Main Street, USA, anyone?

The last one is of the "Japanese Gardens" which you can view on your way from the Visitor's Center to the attraction, and then again when you are returning from the attraction to your car. Very pretty, lots of detail.

It's a unique attraction, very interesting to walk through.


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