Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hidden Mickeys?

I was looking at the Main Street Gazette and was amused to see the article about Hidden Mickeys and the books by Steven Barrett. My kids love this little game. They start seeing hidden Mickeys everywhere they look. A few examples:

These are at the top of the walls of the Italy pavilion in World Showcase. I don't think they are real "Hidden Mickeys" but to my son, they are.

The rest of these are at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

This one is the form made by the logs in the lobby. I think this one is actually in the book. (Sorry it's so dark. My brightness edit of the photo didn't save for some reason and I was too rushed to do it again.)

Something hanging up there in the rafters. I don't think this one is in the book, and it may not count, since the circles don't touch (like the ones at Epcot).

These are some sort of surfboards hanging from the ceilings in the lobby of AKL. I think they're in the book, too.

If you get bored standing in line or waiting for something or other, pretty much anywhere in the resort, this game can be a godsend!


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