Monday, December 1, 2008

Pixar's PRESTO

We were going to watch our newly acquired DVD of Wall*E last night, but we got involved in doing Christmas decorating of the inside of the house (I got the outside done on Friday the 28th, and the tree was set up and decorated on the 29th). And today was a school day, so the boys had to go to bed earlier than they had over the last week or so.

But there was time to watch some of the extras from the DVD. And one was this Pixar short that we also saw in the theater. In the theater, I think the boys were overstimulated by the refreshments they were just starting to dig into, and by all the previews they had just finished showing, so I don't believe they paid as much attention to the short as they did in this more dedicated viewing session. They didn't seem to remember the subject very well, and I certainly don't recall them laughing at it uproariously as they did when we were watching it on our own TV.

Because laugh uproariously is pretty much what they did for the duration of this short film. The rabbit certainly got the better of the magician. I have to admit, I don't remember laughing as much at it in the theater as I did at home, either.

I can't wait to see the short entitled Burn*E. Maybe tonight.

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Future Guy said...

I liked Presto as well. It reminded me of a classic Warner Bros. cartoon by Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc. It's good to know that the ability to make that special kind of magic didn't die off with their generation.